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Trauma And Fracture Surgery

Trauma And Fracture Surgery

In today's times, increased traffic, better roads and faster life lead to increased incidence of accidents and increased severity of injuries. Such accidents occur mostly in young adults between 20 - 35 years and may lead to disability and death. In fact accidents are the leading cause of death in age group between 20 to 35 in developed and developing countries.

The initial first hour after an accident is called the 'Golden Hour.' If an accident victim is treated properly in a well equipped Trauma centre during this period, it may save the life and give a better quality of life after recovery.

Shalby Trauma Centre has state of the art tertiary care treatment facilities.

A dedicated Trauma Care area is in the first basement with.

  • Fully equipped Trauma Resuscitation Bay
  • 24 x 7 State of Readiness for emergency life saving procedures
  • Ventilators, Defibrillators & X-Ray in Emergency Room
  • CT Scan and USG next door
  • Pathology Lab with blood storage located opposite to ER
  • Six electrically operated Trolley beds with multi para monitors

Dedicated Trauma Team

Comprising of multiple specialities like Orthopaedic Surgeons, General Surgeon, Neuro Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Anaesthetists, Intensivists, ENT Surgeon, Radiologists, Pathologists, Cardio Thoracic Surgeon, Vascular Surgeon, Eye Surgeons, Paediatrician & Gynaecologist.

State of the art infrastructure

10 Operation Theatres out of which three are class 100 and 2 are class 10000. Each Operation Theatre has Macquet (Germany) OT Tables, Phillips Shadowless lights. Trauma Operation Theatre with AO (Synthes, Swiss) Operation instruments and sets. Less than 0.5% infection rate in all Orthopaedic Surgeries.

Poly Trauma (Multiple Injuries)

A patient with NINE major Fractures...

Patient came with blocked airway due to face injury and would have died. Immediate primary care helped her in regaining normal life within three months.

Peri Prosthetic Fractures

Fractures around artificial joints

Revision Trauma

Fractures with previous multiple failed surgeries

Fracture treated by plate 3 yrs. ago and bone grafting but did not heal and plate broke. After surgery at Shalby the patient was back to work in 3 months.

Surgery done for leg fracture does not heal for 8 months. Patient operated in our department and full weight beating in 6 weeks (1 1/2 months)

Comminuted Intra Articular Fractures

Fractures with joint involvement and multiple pieces

Shoulder fracture with multiple                 Shin bone fracture with knee joint
pieces                                                   involved  

Lower Thigh Bone fracture with more than 15 pieces and knee joint involvement

A complex fracture of the pelvis involving the hip joint with central dislocation. Post operative restoration of articular surface achieved.

Complicated Trauma

Fractures with Arterial injury / Fat embolism / Medical Problems

Polytrauma with fat embolism and unconscious patient. Treated on ventilatorand fracture fixation recovered in 3 months.

Open infected fracture of lower thigh bone with bone loss. Fracture fixed in two stage surgery and infection cleared.

Bone Tumors

8 months recurrence of right ankle region bone tumor. At 15 months after surgery fully cured and back to function

Routine Fractures

Hip (Sub Trochanteric)                                  Hip (Inter Trochanteric)

Knee deformity correction in 16 yrs. old girl. A crooked looking was corrected in by an operation.
After recovery the patient was back to normal activities.


Dr. Vikram I. Shah
M. S. Orthopaedics
Designation :   
Director, Knee Arthroplasty
Department :   
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Dr. Hasmukh Nagwadia
Designation :   
Trauma Surgeon
Department :   
Orthopaedic & Trauma
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Dr. Anup Kerketta
M. S. Orthopaedics
Designation :   
Trauma Surgeon
Department :   
Orthopaedic & Trauma
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Dr. Jatin B. Sanandia
M. S. Orthopaedics
Designation :   
Trauma Surgeon
Department :   
Orthopaedic & Trauma
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Vikram Shah - Best Orthopaedic Surgeon   Dr. Vikram Shah

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