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Intra-gastric balloon

Intra-gastric balloon

Intra-gastric balloon: Weight loss without scar
The “Intra-gastric-balloon” is a non-surgical procedure for treatment of obesity. The “Intra-gastric balloon” helps to shed off excess weight without having scar of surgery.

A soft balloon is placed by surgeon using endoscope through mouth into stomach. The balloon is then inflated inside the stomach by using a saline solution. Once inflated, the balloon occupies space in stomach thus helps to reduce the capacity of the stomach. It gives feeling of fullness, thus you eat less without feeling hungry. This procedure generally takes 30 minutes and performed under sedation to keep you pain free.

“Intra-gastric-balloon” helps to lose weight between 15 to 25 kg. During the six month period while the balloon is in place, you are advised to follow life-style changes to achieve long term success of this procedure. The “Intra-gastric balloon” procedure gives best results when it is used in conjunction with proper diet and regular exercise.

“Intra-gastric balloon’ procedure is suitable for those who have failed to lose desired weight after following strict diets and exercise regimens.

Dr. Avinash Tank
M.S., M.CH.

Designation :   
Surgical Gastroentrologist
Department :   
Gastroentero Surgery
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