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The literal meaning of surrogacy is womb on rent. In surrogacy process, the embryos of the commissioning couple are transferred in the woman who is genetically unrelated to the embryos and agrees to act as surrogate mother after signing the relevant documents and agreements. The surrogate mother undergoes the process of embryo transfer followed by pregnancy and delivery. She waives of all her rights on baby/babies born out of this surrogacy treatment. She handsover the baby to the commissioning couple after delivery and in return she may get remuneration in terms of money.Contact Shalby Hospital for Surrogacy, Colposcopy Treatment, Painless Labor, Abortion, Cervical Cancer, Menopause Treatment, Nutrition Clinic, Treatment, Hpv Infection in India

The surrogacy treatment is indicated in:

  • Absence of uterus of female partner since birth
  • H/o hysterectomy (surgical removal of uterus)
  • Uterus is not capable of holding the pregnancy up to term
  • Recurrent implantation failure
  • Ashermann’s syndrome: destruction of uterine lining and adhesion formation in uterine cavity due to infection or vigorous curettage
  • Pregnancy endangers the life of woman/foetus due to prevailing medical conditions
  • Single father willing to have baby/ies
  • Gay couple


Surrogacy step by step


  1. Consultation with IVF specialist confirming need of surrogacy treatment, understanding the Shalby surrogacy solutions thoroughly and collection of consent forms, agreements and understanding financial aspect of the treatment.
  2. Consult your legal advisor to confirm the legality of surrogacy treatment in your country and interact with respective consulate/embassy for the same. Before starting the treatment, we need to ensure that the baby/ies born out of this surrogacy treatment will not have any problem with entitlement of citizenship of respective country.
  3. Confirmation of your enrolment in Shalby Surrogacy Solutions.
  4. Selection of Surrogate: You can come, meet and interact with surrogate or your doctor can select her on your behalf. After selection the surrogate is thoroughly investigated to confirm her medical and Gynecological fitness for the pregnancy. Once it is done, treatment schedule and travel plan finalized.
  5. Signing the related consent forms and agreement and submission of the documents needed.
  6. Synchronization of menstrual cycle of genetic mother with the surrogate. Surrogate’s endometrial preparation starts along with your ovarian stimulation. You can start ovarian stimulation at Shalby or at any IVF clinic near your place. Frozen embryos can be shipped to the Shalby infertility clinic if Govt. permits.
  7. Travel to Shalby Infertility clinic for egg retrieval, semen deposition and Embryology procedures on gametes.
  8. Embryo transfer in the womb of the surrogate.
  9. Confirmation of pregnancy after 15 days of embryo transfer.
  10. Antenatal monitoring and care by Shalby Hospitals. You can accompany surrogate mother during her hospital visit if you wish. Report of the progress of pregnancy and health of the surrogate mother will be forwarded to you regularly
  11. Delivery of the Surrogate mother and handover of the baby/ies to the commissioning couple.
  12. Shalby hospitals will assist in getting birth certificate of the baby and will support in learning baby care and procedure of DNA fingerprinting if required.
  13. Application of baby’s passport by commissioning couple and Shalby will assist in obtaining required documents for the same.
  14. Travel back to your town/country with happiness and lifelong association with Shalby Infertility clinic.

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