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Sperm Egg Embryo Donation

Sperm Egg Embryo Donation

Sperm Donation

Donor sperms are utilized by intrauterine artificial insemination or can be utilized for embryo formation in the procedure of IVF & ICSI.

In India, sperm donation is totally anonymous. ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) strictly prohibits the disclosure of identity of the donor to the commissioning couple. Only basic information like Blood group with Rh status, Height, color of skin, hair and eyes can be provided. The clinic obtains donor semen samples from semen bank that are sourced, processed and stored as per ICMR guidelines.

Sperm donation is indicated when husband is having non obstructive azoospermia or having hereditary genetic disease, couple is having Rh incompatibility, the man has severe oligozoospermia and the couple does not wish to undergo any of the sophisticated ART such as ICSI. Nowadays, it is also indicated in single mother or lesbian couple.

Egg Donation

Egg donation is indicated in cases where the female partner’s ovarian reserve is very low or patients having premature menopause, menopausal patients or when the female partner is carrier of serious genetically transmitted disease or having reciprocal translocation. It is also indicated in surrogacy treatment of single father or gay couple.

ICMR guidelines also entail anonymity to the process of egg donation. Confidentiality of the donor identity is maintained in good faith of the egg donor as well as commissioning couple.

In these cases, donor has to take the medications for the ovarian stimulation and undergo the process of Egg retrieval. The retrieved donor eggs are incubated with husband’s sperms and the resultant embryos are transferred back to the womb of the female partner. Rest of the course of pregnancy and delivery is similar to normal pregnancy.

We generally select the egg donors who consents voluntarily and having good ovarian reserve, proven fertility, in good health and free of medical diseases. We also confirm the absence of genetically transmitted disease in the family history.

Dr. Nimisha Pandya
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Infertility Specialist
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Obstetrics and Gynaecology
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