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What is Rheumatology?

Rheumatology is a specialized branch of medicine, which deals with the medical treatment of Arthritis and various Collagen vascular diseases.Arthritis is a common problem faced in our country and very few centers in India provides specialized care to patient of arthritides.With the advances in Medical therapy deformities can be prevented and complete disease-remission can be achieved.   

Facilities Available at Shalby Rheumatology Clinic are

In Shalby Hospital we have regular Rheumatology OPD wherein a Rheumatologist evaluates patient suffering from Arthritis. All the investigative back up facilities in the form of imaging and laboratory test are available. Patients requiring surgical intervention such as Arthoscopy, Joint replacement or other corrective surgeries are directed to the specialized Orthopaedician.

  • Consultative and continuing patient care
  • Arthrocentesis
  • Intraticular injections
  • Rheumatologic procedure
  • Crystal identification with polarizing microscopy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Lab & imaging backup


Diagnosis and Management of the following diseases is available

The unit is dedicated to provide comprehensive state of the art care to patients suffering from various.

  • Musculoskeletal and joint disorders- Back pain, cervical spondylosis etc.
  • Arthritis- Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis
  • Osteoporosis and other Metabolic bone diseases.
  • Chronic pain syndromes
  • PUO

Systemic autoimmune & connective tissue diseases- Lupus-SLE, myositis, sjogrens syndrome, vasculitis, seleroderma, sarcoidosis etc. Immune mediated haemotologic diseases- ITP, autoimmune hemolytic anemia etc                             

Contact Shalby hospital for Rheumatology Treatment Clinic, Arthritis, Gout, Septic Arthritis, Golfer's Elbow, Osteoarthritis, Lupus, Hospital, Clinic, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Dr. Bhowmik Meghnathi
M.B.B.S., M.D., D.N.B.

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Dr. Amruta Sanap

Designation : 
Sr. Registrar- Rheumatology
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