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Cancer Surgeries:

Surgery is commonly used as a treatment for Cancer. Various types of surgeries are performed based on the type of cancer and its site. Some surgeries are less invasive which results into faster recovery.  Contact Shalby Hospital for Head Cancer Treatment, Lymphoma Cancer, Leukemia Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancer, Urology cancer, Neck Cancer Treatment in Ahmedabad, India.

Surgery helps remove the tumor and surrounding tissue during the operation and has been considered as an effective way in treating various types of cancer. Surgery, in some cases may be helpful in restoring body’s appearance or to relieve side effects.

The cancer surgery is also dependent on the staging. This is useful in finding out the size of the tumor and its spread. This along with the results of other laboratory tests help the  doctor to decide on the kind of treatment.

Primary Surgery or Curative Surgery is the common type of cancer surgery to remove the tumor or affected parts. In some cases, tumor removal can be the only treatment or it can be treated with combination of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Reconstructive or Plastic Surgery  is done in cases wherein it is needed for restoring the body’s appearance  after a surgery.

Preventive Surgeries are also common in the treatment of cancer to avoid development of cancer.

In some situations, minimally invasive surgery is being done through one or more small incisions. Minimally invasive procedures and surgeries are:

•         Laparoscopic Surgery wherein a doctor performs surgery through small incisions in the skin using lighted tube with a camera

 •         Endoscopy: The doctor inserts a thin, flexible tube, a light and a camera on the tip into an opening of the body and examines the internal organs. This helps to remove samples of potentially abnormal tissue for further examination

 •         Laser Surgery - Removal of cancerous tissue using  a narrow beam of high intensity light


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