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Intensive and Critical Care

What is Intensive and Critical Care?

The Multispeciality Intensive Care Unit at Shalby Hospitals, Ahmedabad, has a state-of-art unit in Critical Care which integrates many specialties and diverse technologies. It helps increase the possibility of survival in patients who are acutely ill with problems that might need critical treatment including complications from surgery, accidents, infections and severe breathing problems etc.

The Critical Care specialty in Shalby caters to sick patients from many departments, be it post surgery, neurology, cardiology, trauma poisoning and so on. Also, Critical Care involves close, constant attention by a team of specially-trained health professionals with inputs from different specialists like Anesthesiology, Internal medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Neurosurgery and most important of all, the Intensivist.

Dedicated Intensivist for Critical Care

Shalby has a dedicated Intensivist with advanced certification training and experience in critical care. Numerous studies and research in the health care segment have demonstrated that intensivist involvement in the care of ICU patients leads to immense improvement in patient outcomes. So much so that concerned health care groups and organizations vouch for full-time intensivist staffing as a way to save numerous lives every year.

State-of-the-art Critical Care Equipments& Technology

Critical Care units represent the highest achievements in leading edge medical technology. Many specialties cooperate to help multi organ disease and poly trauma patients. Thus any hospital with claims to being a multi specialty hospital, must have a well equipped and well manned Critical Care Unit as its nucleus. Survival rates will depend on the efficiency of the Critical Care Unit of every multi specialty hospital.

Critical care in Shalby comprises the use of world class equipments and technologies like diagnosticilities including the latest in Interventional Radiology, Ventilators, haemofiltration equipments for renal complications like acute failure, monitoring equipments for heart rate, cardiac rhythm, Blood pressure (arterial and non invasive), 24 x 7 availability of Emergency cardiac care including PAMI, intravenous lines for drug infusions, nasogastric pumps, drains and catheters. Along these there are Central monitors in the nurses' station facilitate 24x7 observations.

Strategically Distributed 55 bed Critical Care

In Shalby hospital, three floors comprise distributed critical care centres at strategic locations having a combined capacity of nearly 55 beds for medical, cardiac, neurological, and surgical patients offering world class clinical experience. The Critical Care Staff is well trained, and undergo continual training. The team spirit and standard operating procedures in times of crisis ensure success. Infection control and Ethical Issues in critical care are handled by experienced medical and non medical staff.

The critical care at Shalby offers the facility to a diverse group of patients such as the post-operative high risk patients, acute renal failure, asthma, pneumonia, ventilatory failure, cardiac failure, septicemiaerebrovascular accidents, pancreatitis, acute abdomen, hepatic coma, poisoning, polytrauma, including neurotrauma, etc.

Services Offered

Critical care/ Intensive care unit is an area where all critically ill medical & surgical patients are admitted for treatment & observations. They may require support for instability (Hypo or Hypertension). Also patients who have multiple organ failure due to various causes are treated here.

Team of Doctors in ICU provide world class expertise & ensure the best of care & outcome for critically ill patients.

The entire team consisting of Doctors ,Nurses& Paramedics work in tandem, following strict protocols to minimize infection which helps fast recovery.

We also have Isolation rooms in ICU for treating infected and immuno - compromised patients

  • Airways or respiratory problems
  • All cardiac emergencies
  • Life Threatening infections
  • Stroke
  • Polytrauma
  • Poisoning


  • Modern ventilator & Bipep machine
  • 24x7 bed side and Central Hemodynamic monitoring
  • Hemodialysis facility & CRRT machine in ICU
  • IABP
  • Cath lab in ICU
  • Bed side x-Ray / Sonography /Doppler/Echo


  • 24x7 intensivist

Dr. Minesh J. Mehta

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Intensive and Critical Care
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