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Hair Transplant

Shalby - Hair Transplant

  • Hair Transplant is one of the hair restoration procedures and is an artistic surgery wherein the patient will get natural and permanent growing hair on the bald scalp. Transplanted hair will grow throughout the patient's life and it can be cut, styled, shampooed and coloured
  • Shalby hospital is known for its state- of- the- art infrastructure and patient centric services and Shalby Hair Transplant is one of them.
  • Here more than 1000 Hair Transplant procedures have been done till now by our expert surgeons

Our diagnostic facilities for Hair loss includes

  • Trichoscan (Hair & Scalp Computerized Analysis)
  • Trichogam (Hair Pull Test)
  • In House Laboratory

 Treatments for Hair Restoration

  • Medical therapy
  • Medications (oral  and topical)
  • Injectable Therapy
    • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) with Many Hair growth factors
    • Mesotherapy
    • Stem Cell therapy
  • Laser Therapy : Low level Laser Therapy (LLLT).  It is a Laser Therapy for Hair Growth with the latest FUE Technique, (mentioned below)


  • These Medications can counteract effects of DHT (Dihydro testosterone) and may help in preventing Hair loss 

Injectable Therapy of PRP containing Hair Growth factors

  • This treatment is just like any other blood testing; your blood is drawn in our clinic
  • Our doctors separate plasma from the blood and make a plasma-rich concentrate (PRP) for the Hair Treatment
  • The growth factors present in PLEATELET activate repair cells in the scalps and stimulate the Hair Growth


Mesotherapy & Stem Cell Therapy


In these Therapies we apply the MESOSOLUTION or solution containing STEM CELLs to the scalp and then message the area with a special MESOPEN.

FUE Technique of Hair Transplant

This is the Latest Hair Transplant Technique we use at Shalby. The Advantages are:

  • Stitchless
  • Painless
  • Leaves minimal scars
  • Daycare procedure (no Hospitalization required)
  • Fast recovery
  • Gives natural and permanent results 

Dr. Amit J. Bhatt

Designation : 
Dermatosurgeon & Hair Transplant Surgeon
Department : 
Hair Transplant Surgery
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Hair Transplant

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