Dr. Darshini Shah
B.D.S, F.I.C.O.I, Diplomat-ICOI (USA)
Dental Cosmetic and Implantology

Dr Darshini Vikram Shah has been awarded a Diplomat by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) USA. It is highest accreditation in Oral Implantology Recipient of coveted Women\'s Entrepreneur Award 2011 from GCCI. Dr Darshini\'s Dental Implantology & Cosmetology Center-One of the Center to perform the highest number of Dental Implants in the country ( about 500 per year) Dr Darshini has perfected the science of Dental Implants to a fine art. Even where bone ridge has worn off, dental implants have given many patients the joy of chewing & biting. She has pioneered dental procedures like one-hour whitening and painless RCT in a single sitting, making Shalby Dental Cosmetic and Implantology Centre a landmark in dental care across the globe. Dr Darshini has made immense contribution in two aspects. Firstly, she ensured that world-class dental treatment is available to a large number of Indians. Secondly, she became one of the visionaries who played a critical role in making India a medical tourism destination both to Western nations where patients face long waiting lines and high expense in surgeries as well as from African nations looking for advanced healthcare.

Shalby Times - October , 2017