Shalby Hospital : The Journey

Shalby Hospital, a humble initiative by Dr. Vikram Shah in 1994 with a six bed medical facility in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India is among the leading multispecialty hospital conglomerates today, with 9 multispecialty hospitals having full-fledged operations across 6 locations in Western and Central India and 3 more multispecialty medical facilities in various stages of completion and commissioning at centres - Jaipur, Surat, Naroda (Ahmedabad).

The meteoric rise of Shalby Hospitals into the orbit of “Best in Class” world medical tourism and transforming Ahmedabad, Gujarat and India in to this coveted stature, lies in the vision of its founder, Dr. Vikram I. Shah, CMD who is best known as the inventor of “0 Technique” in Total Knee Replacement (TKR).

Enshrining the three pillars of healthcare: clinical work, research and academics”, Shalby Hospitals is all poised to achieve its cherished milestone of transforming the conglomerate in to a 2500 bed hospital chain by 2016 from its current installed capacity of 1700 beds. Shalby Hospitals incorporate advanced Operation Theatres (OTs) with Guided Air Flow to reduce infection rate. Shalby has also the credit of being the “First Hospital” in India to install and use Body Exhaust System in Operation Theatres. Shalby has the coveted fame of performing over 65,000 Joint Replacement Surgeries in India which is a record of sorts, globally.

In its journey and transition all along, Shalby has extended its footprints across India with over 50 OPDs and Patient Follow-up Centres and 15 OPDs in the African Continent- Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to name a few. Shalby with its unstinted credibility in “Total Patient Care” could ink a pact with RAK Hospital, UAE, for extending its expertise in Healthcare, in the United Arab Emirates. Shalby Hospitals, offer treatment in more than 40 Therapeutic Orders across locations, encompassing the advanced domains of: Joint Replacement Surgery (Knee & Hip), Arthroscopy Surgery, Spine Surgery, Cardiology & Cardio Thoracic Surgery, Neurology & Neuro Surgery, Endoscopy & Laparoscopy Surgery, Urology & Uro-surgery, Gastro Medicine & Surgery, Trauma & General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Cancer Surgery (Breast, Head & Neck, Gastro) , Gynecology, Rheumatology Pediatric, Pediatric Care and Neonatal ICU, Orthopedic, Sports Injury & Orthopedic Trauma, Ortho Oncology etc. Shalby, besides being a multispecialty hospital chain also offers Top- of- the- Line medical facilities in Dental, Advanced Cosmetics including Plastic & Reconstructive surgery, Kidney Transplant counselling, IVF and many more.

In its journey of 21 years, Shalby has been bestowed with an array of coveted awards for its “Expert Healthcare”, almost year after year.

Chairman's Message

   Dr Vikram I. Shah

We at Shalby Hospitals believe in making available High Quality, expert healthcare to people across the world by inventing, adapting and imbibing World's Best technologies and practices. Providing Total Health Care under one roof at most affordable costs has been our passion which helped us establishing a chain of multi-specialty hospitals and vibrant OPD Centres across India and in many parts of the world. Shalby today enjoys a place of pride in the Medical Tourism Map of India as a favoured destination. Our journey continues in tandem with our mission of providing enduring health solutions and our hospital chain built around this philosophy shall outlive the expectations of our valued patients, worldwide.


OPD Centers


Dauji Dental Clinic , Friends Palak Plaza, Langde Ki Chauki, By Pass Road, Agra

Agra ( Professor Colony )

Dr. Jaybabu Cardio Diagnostics Centre, Nr. Big Bazar , Professor Colony , Agra


Bharat Hospital , 18 - Shastrinagar , Ajmer

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